Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Do Have Story Ideas That Don't Come From Dreams.

This just isn’t one of them.

As you can tell by now, I seem to have a problem with an over-active imagination. I have this great idea, and then before I can take it anywhere, POOF, here comes another great idea. I haven’t really figured out what I should do about it thought. I mean I don’t think that it’s right to disregard all other ideas simply because you’ve already  had a great idea. But it also isn’t fair to try to juggle more than one work at a time. It’s a conundrum. However, the only thing I know is that, every great idea deserves a chance to be told. So thinking that way, I can at least write a quick outline for a story, that way it gets attention it deserves, without taking too much away from another idea.

That being said, let’s move into this plot outline.

Type: Short Story

Story: Main character…let’s call her Emily. Emily went to a mall with her boyfriend of some time, and he went insane. He dragged her into a bathroom and attacked her. Not understanding why, Emily fought back and ran out.  This leads to her boyfriend killing many of the citizens in the mall. Emily hides in a clothing story and tries to figure out why things went so wrong.

Conflict: Obviously, it’s Emily vs. her boyfriend in a game of survival.

Characters: Emily: Mid 20’s. Very boy-like (Tall, small chest, short cropped hair.)
    Emily’s Boyfriend:  20’s, very athletic, body-building type.
    People in the mall: Few of these, mostly for decoration.

First Steps: After explaining the situation,  Emily tries to sneak out of the clothing store she is in and get to the safety of the parking lot. Just when it seems like she about to make it out, her boyfriend appears and chases after her.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Insight And a Plot Outline for MCBLB

Have you ever noticed that music helps you write? Well it does for me. Whenever a certain song plays, I can make up short little scenes that go along with the song.  Of course, that’s also a bad thing. When you are trying to write an actual story, you don’t really need little scenes to randomly pop into your head. In fact it’s quite distracting.  And yet…if you turn the music off, then you end up focusing on the little sounds you hear around your house. The TV playing in the living room, the cats wrestling, cars driving past your window.
My point is that it’s hard to be a writer. Lol.

Blaine called from room, told he is part of the family now

Little bit of family before Ceona

Little bit after, talk about “love” “necklace”

Go back to present

Have Blaine get to meeting place

Give them money

“Sell me the comp”

Refuses, gunplay

Ceona/ Blaine needs to lose something. Necklace from before.

Blaine goes back to get it

Get shot, help comes, he blacks out

Months later in hospital

Ending: I can’t say it here, it’d kill the surprise.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Money Can't Buy Love Back (1)

 A while back I worked up an idea for a story, but I never really got around to writing it (Story of my life. No honestly if you wrote a story of my life, that would be most of the plot XD)
Anyway, I thought "Now's as good as time as any to work on it, so why not?" So that's what I did.

I plan to make this around a 3 chapter story, and this is the first 1/3 of it. Feedback and comments are greatly loved, wanted, and needed.

 Blaine looked out his window, watching the golden sun disappear below the horizon. His bright yellow eyes reflected the various hues of pink, purple, orange, and yellow that made up the picture outside. He sighed and closed his eyes. It was twilight. It was time.
He opened his eyes to the fading sun.
“Ceona…. I’m coming.”
He rose from his seat, which was his twin-sized bed. He walked over to his door, wrapped his hand around the handle, and opened the door wide. Turning around to take one last look at his room, he let his gaze flow from the white walls, down onto the red blanket on his bed and his beloved guitar laying near his pillow, and finally sideways to the window again. He did not have much in his room, but that was because he did not spend much time in it. Most of his day was spent at his office. His family, or his father to be precise, owned a large business that imported and exported things. He used to believe that the things his father imported and exported was computers and other technology, but six months he found out that he was mistaken.

Six months ago his father had died. That wasn’t the worst part though, he had left the whole company to Blaine. When it first happened Blaine didn’t think it was a bad thing that the company had fallen into his lap, he was just confused.

“Why me?” He had asked his younger sister, while looking out the clear window of the big building that had belonged to his father that was now his.
“I can’t tell you why Blaine.”
He had turned around to face her. “But why didn’t he give it to you, Sis? You’re the one who is into business; I’m just a musician for God’s sake.”
She had looked up at him with her foggy gray eyes; he always loved her eyes,
“I don’t know, but he must have had a reason to give it to you. Maybe he saw something in you that he didn’t in me.” She smiled at him, one of her cheerful, adorable little smiles.
He wanted to just hug her right then and there. He contended himself by smiling back and looking at her.
He lovingly gazed at her soft, mildly curly, light brown hair that danced around her ears and sat quietly on her shoulders. He drank in her small, a little too pale face, with her gray eyes that seemed to hide all the worlds’ secrets in them, her cheeks that had a faint pinkish blush to them, like cotton candy, and her raspberry lips that were curling their selves into a smile. His eyes wandered down her small frame, from which a black business suit clung to her body, he was always afraid to hug her, because he was scared that he would squeeze too hard and she would break into a million tiny pieces in his arms.

“Blaine?” Her timid voice chimed. He blinked and looked up at her face again.
“Sorry…I was thinking’.” He muttered back at her.
And then she laughed, a laugh that could make an angel burst out into tears.

He blinked in real life, shook his head and brought his hand up to wipe the tears that fell from his eyes. He sniffled and ran a hand through his jet black hair. Ceona had been so mad at him when he had dyed it black a few weeks ago.
“I loved your blonde hair, it was so handsome on you.” She had sighed and raked her fingers through his newly colored hair. “It made me think of mom…”
Ceona’s eyes began to water and she sniffed.
“I’m sorry Sis.” Blaine whispered and hugged her.
She buried her face into his chest and sobbed quietly. Blaine had wrapped his arms around her warm lithe body and  crushed her against him.
“I’m sorry Ceona..I didn’t mean to hurt you…” He whispered into her hair, which was covering his face now.
She had shook her head, making her hair tickle his lips and nose. “Don’t be sorry, change is good sometimes.”
She gently pushed him, and he unwrapped his arms from around her, and looked at her worriedly.
Quickly rubbing her eyes, then pushing her hair back from her face, she took a deep breath and smiled up at him.
“She would have been proud of you, you know. It’s sad she passed away too soon to see you now, Big Brother.”
Blaine looked around his room one last time and then walked out the door and shut it quietly behind him.

He walked down the long hallway, carpeted in a rich purple color, his leather shoes making a dull sound beneath him. He paused as he came to Ceona’s room. Taking a deep breath, he plunged into this coveted area. He flicked on the light next to the door and light illuminated the room, which smelled faintly of freesia, Ceona’s favorite flower. Blaine had to choke back a cry when he saw this room, and smelled this scent.  This was her, this was her room. And yet, she wasn’t here, she was gone. And she wasn’t coming back to this room, not without his help. He looked around the room, from the white walls with light purple flowers gracing the walls, to her bed covered in a sheet that had flowers on them as well. He smiled as he looked over into her bathroom, that was connected to her room. It had the same color walls, and purple flowers, but in the center, there was a mirrored vanity, in which he could see his reflection in. How many times had he walked into that room to see her in front of that mirror? And how many times had she smiled into the mirror, and he had seen her reflection? How many times had he walked over, wrapped his arms around her and snuggled his face against hers? How many times had he looked at their reflection of smiling faces? Was the face in the mirror really his?

This face looked colder, more serious, hardened. He racked his hand through his hair again and closed the door.
“I’m coming.”
  His fingers kept slipping off the combination lock that was hidden in their living room. He’d only had to open it one other time before; it was yet another family secret. Finally, about a second before he started to beat the living crap out of the safe, it clicked open, and he pulled the door out and away. Looking inside he saw the mountains of paperwork, but he didn’t need to read them, he knew what they said. His father was in the smuggling bussness. He would bring drugs from other countries and sell them here in the US. Of course, he did also transport computers, so he used the huge company to hide his other ‘Business.’  Apparently, he had made some enemies…be cause they kidnapped Ceona and demanded that Blaine meet them in a park with 10 million dollars. Sadly, he did have that kind of money lying around. Reaching back behind the paperwork and moving them to the side, he looked at the ton of money that greeted him.  He knew that each little bundle of money was ten one hundred bills together…
Walking over to a closet, he pulled out a suitcase and returned to the safe. Slowly and carefully he stacked bundle upon bundle on top of each other in the suitcase. This reminded him too much of a bad movie. He wished it was a movie, that way he’d know that Ceona wouldn’t be in danger of dying. The beautiful actress never dies in the movies. And plus, he, the main hero, would rush in, kill all the bad guys, and save his sister, all while looking suave and sexy. If only. He sighed as he finished his packing, stood up, and snapped close the case.
“I’m coming.”

Blaine looked up from his book as his mother walked into his room.
“Blaine…Dearest…Your father and I are going to have a baby…” Her soft voice wafted into his ears.
“Why should I care what you do?” He asked, without malice, sitting up. “It’s not like I have anything against it…”
“No, I didn’t mean it that way, Love. I just wanted to tell you that your going to be a brother.” She floated over to his bed and gently sat down.
“But I’m not really-” He began.
“Blood isn’t everything, and you are our son, so you will be her brother.” She spoke quietly yet with a firm edge to her words.
“But blood does matter…” Tears came to Blaine’s eyes, and he quickly brushed them away. “If I wasn’t adopted, we’d be a family.”
“We are a family, you are my son,” She took his hand and pressed it to her belly.
“And this is your sister.”
“My sister…”
As soon as one of Blaine’s feet touched the ground outside of the door, the security leader came out of nowhere and walking toward Blaine, his face rock-like and cold.
“What have you decided to do sir?”
“I am going alone, you-”
“But sir,” The eye of the man in his late thirties turning fearful. “If you are hurt the company will fall. Don’t be suicidal think about what your father would have wanted.”
Blaine closed his eye, the image of his sister pasted behind his eyes.
“I am doing just that.” He started walking toward the garage, still carrying on a conversation with the older man.
“In the case I die, the company will go to Ceona. She will get most the money from it, but someone else will be hired to handle all business affairs. She will not learn what we are really doing.”
The man was quiet but doubt seeped from all the pores of his body.
“If I live through this, the company is going legit. No more funny stuff…I’ll worry about the details later...maybe…”
“What if the lady dies?”
As Blaine approached the entrance he looked over the cars with cold fury in his eyes.
“That won’t happen.”
Picking a black corvette he opened the door and tossed the suitcase into the passage seat. Turning back to the man he placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Thank you Kevin for…everything…if I don’t come back I want you to receive one fourth of the earnings of the company. My father would want it that way….and do one thing for me…protect Ceona for me if I can’t…I don’t want her to be alone.”
Kevin’s eyes teared up for the first time Blaine could remember. But wiping them away his face went back to the stoic look engraved in Blaine’s memory.
“I will sir.”
Blaine nodded and got into the car, rolling down the window as soon as the door was shut.
“Tell the team to stay away from me, I have to go alone. Wait a few blocks away and come see what happens when it’s done.”
The man’s eyes went wide and he tried to grab the car, but Blaine’s foot hit the pedal and the car slipped out from under his grip. He watched in horror as the car drove from him, and the rest of his team came over to see what had happened. He blinked and his mask was back in place.
“We are going to sit and wait…let’s see what William’s son can do.”

Friday, October 15, 2010

Highschool Of The Gods

So this a story I worked out while watching "Julius Caesar" in last the other day. Tell me what you think =]
I’m going to explain the story first, that will help explain all the rest of this. Okay so all the Greek gods and goddesses realized that their ruling age was over. They came up with a plan to confine their souls into humans, and to awake at a certain time and regain their rightful place as gods. That time is now. And in order to relearn their former powers, the young gods are shipped off to a private high school called Zeus High. Most of the teen gods know who they are and have no memories of their human lives before awakening. All save one girl. Ashley Simmons, who is the incarnation of the Goddess Artemis.
This story deals with this 16 year old girl as she struggles to adjust to her new life.

Here’s a list of characters I worked out in my head:
School Staff:
Zeus: Principle
Athena: Science/Magic Teacher
Ares: History Teacher
Aura: ???
Phoebe: ???



Artemis/ Ashley: Main character
Aphrodite: Cheerleader
Hermes: Gay
Apollo: Jock
Demeter: Hippie
Dionysus: Class Clown
Hephaestus: Fat Kid
Hera: Cheerleader
Eros: Pervert
Hades: Metal kid
Poseidon: Gamer
Hestia: Silent Bookworm

Lower Gods:
Nyx: Goth
Selene: Goody-two shoes.
Hecate: Black Magic
Atlas: Body Builder
Eres: Chronically pissed off

Who The Character Is:
Ashley Simmons: She is a sixteen year old high school sophomore. To describe her in one word would be: Tomboy.  She doesn’t really like school, she’d rather hang out by herself and listen to hardcore metal music. She loves ripped, holey jeans and the color black. This was of course before she was taken of to Zeus High. 
She has no idea why people say that she is Artemis, and tries to correct them at first, but after she gets shipped off to her new High school, she likes the attention she gets, and feels like she’d be an outcast if others knew, and doesn’t tell anyone after that.

What She Wants More Then Anything:
She’s never really felt accepted in her life, and her deepest desire is to find that place where she just fits.

Conflict and Things that Keep Her From Her Goal”
Well first off, she’s the only “person” among the gods and she’s embarrassed about that fact and tries to hide it. Second, there’s a small rivalry with the major gods and the demigods, and because she’s suppose to be a major god she’s forced to pick sides. Then we have Aphrodite, the popular cheerleader type, who doesn’t like Ashley.

What the First Step Toward Goal Will Be:
She will start the story off by entering Zeus High, and trying to fit in with the other Gods. The first “road block” that stands in her way will be having to hide the fact that she isn’t actually a god. Also, at the same time, she will be introduced to the class system of the school and have to deal with her role in that system.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Dream-Idea

Hi all!
I had this dream a couple days ago, and I was thinking “Wow this’d make a great video game!”
But after rethinking it again, I was like. “Hey…this’d make a great book too!”
What do you all think? Anyway, here’s my dream/idea.

So like, I guess the premise was that there was this building filled with zombies. Anyway, they sent this lab chick in to go kill them. And they had like created this substance that when injected into the zombies would kill them And of course there were people still in the build who weren't zombies yet, so you had to save them too. Anyway, the story went in levels, like in a game, and like there would be a safe room where you started, then you'd go out a door into the unsafe area with zombies. And like you had to inject the crap into them from close range and try not to get bitten. And also, when you found people, you'd have to lead them back to the safe area, without them dying too.
Anyway, there was a bunch of levels right, and last the last area in my dream had like a TON of zombies. And there was like no way you could kill them all. SO like, when you went to kill one of them, a voice yelled "Wait! Are there others with -and then they used some medical term here that I can't remember-?" And like this one zombie with like this really blue eye came over to you and just stared at you. Then all of a sudden more zombies came, herding a group of people. The implication being that the zombies still had logical thought and could be fixed without dying. And then I woke up