Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Do Have Story Ideas That Don't Come From Dreams.

This just isn’t one of them.

As you can tell by now, I seem to have a problem with an over-active imagination. I have this great idea, and then before I can take it anywhere, POOF, here comes another great idea. I haven’t really figured out what I should do about it thought. I mean I don’t think that it’s right to disregard all other ideas simply because you’ve already  had a great idea. But it also isn’t fair to try to juggle more than one work at a time. It’s a conundrum. However, the only thing I know is that, every great idea deserves a chance to be told. So thinking that way, I can at least write a quick outline for a story, that way it gets attention it deserves, without taking too much away from another idea.

That being said, let’s move into this plot outline.

Type: Short Story

Story: Main character…let’s call her Emily. Emily went to a mall with her boyfriend of some time, and he went insane. He dragged her into a bathroom and attacked her. Not understanding why, Emily fought back and ran out.  This leads to her boyfriend killing many of the citizens in the mall. Emily hides in a clothing story and tries to figure out why things went so wrong.

Conflict: Obviously, it’s Emily vs. her boyfriend in a game of survival.

Characters: Emily: Mid 20’s. Very boy-like (Tall, small chest, short cropped hair.)
    Emily’s Boyfriend:  20’s, very athletic, body-building type.
    People in the mall: Few of these, mostly for decoration.

First Steps: After explaining the situation,  Emily tries to sneak out of the clothing store she is in and get to the safety of the parking lot. Just when it seems like she about to make it out, her boyfriend appears and chases after her.


  1. I like your story idea. It makes me really want to know what she is going to do, since she already seems like a strong person for fighting back.
    I know how you feel when so many ideas come into my mind for stories i want to write them all down only to have a greater idea pop in my head. But I always write them down that way if i run out of ideas i go back and revise my old ones.

  2. Just coming by to say Hi! Keep on keeping on *:)