Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Insight And a Plot Outline for MCBLB

Have you ever noticed that music helps you write? Well it does for me. Whenever a certain song plays, I can make up short little scenes that go along with the song.  Of course, that’s also a bad thing. When you are trying to write an actual story, you don’t really need little scenes to randomly pop into your head. In fact it’s quite distracting.  And yet…if you turn the music off, then you end up focusing on the little sounds you hear around your house. The TV playing in the living room, the cats wrestling, cars driving past your window.
My point is that it’s hard to be a writer. Lol.

Blaine called from room, told he is part of the family now

Little bit of family before Ceona

Little bit after, talk about “love” “necklace”

Go back to present

Have Blaine get to meeting place

Give them money

“Sell me the comp”

Refuses, gunplay

Ceona/ Blaine needs to lose something. Necklace from before.

Blaine goes back to get it

Get shot, help comes, he blacks out

Months later in hospital

Ending: I can’t say it here, it’d kill the surprise.

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