Friday, October 8, 2010

A Dream-Idea

Hi all!
I had this dream a couple days ago, and I was thinking “Wow this’d make a great video game!”
But after rethinking it again, I was like. “Hey…this’d make a great book too!”
What do you all think? Anyway, here’s my dream/idea.

So like, I guess the premise was that there was this building filled with zombies. Anyway, they sent this lab chick in to go kill them. And they had like created this substance that when injected into the zombies would kill them And of course there were people still in the build who weren't zombies yet, so you had to save them too. Anyway, the story went in levels, like in a game, and like there would be a safe room where you started, then you'd go out a door into the unsafe area with zombies. And like you had to inject the crap into them from close range and try not to get bitten. And also, when you found people, you'd have to lead them back to the safe area, without them dying too.
Anyway, there was a bunch of levels right, and last the last area in my dream had like a TON of zombies. And there was like no way you could kill them all. SO like, when you went to kill one of them, a voice yelled "Wait! Are there others with -and then they used some medical term here that I can't remember-?" And like this one zombie with like this really blue eye came over to you and just stared at you. Then all of a sudden more zombies came, herding a group of people. The implication being that the zombies still had logical thought and could be fixed without dying. And then I woke up


  1. You say "like" a lot, it's hilarious. My little black valley girl <3
    And dear God. You need to stop playing all those video you're even dreaming in the form of a video game xD

  2. I like, have no idea, like what you're, like, talking about.
    Like yeah.
    And I haven't been playing them a lot...just a little <.<

  3. so valley girl, those "likes" lol... Is that what you want? cool if it is, but...


  4. Awesome - this story would be like a mix between Left 4 Dead and I Am Legend. I like the idea!

  5. When I talk, I don't normally use use "like" that much, but when I'm trying to explain something, it just pops out. Pesky little word, lol.

    I've seen I Am Legend, but I haven't played Left 4 Dead. Mostly because I only have a ps2 and gamecube, so I don't look at xbox games much. Plus, on top of that, I'm actually deathly afraid of zombies, hehe. Just lately I've gotten over my fear and played a few games, like Silent Hill and Resident Evil 4, (good game btw). Anyway, Left looks like a fun game, I'll have to check it out for PC sometime.

    Thanks for the feedback Jaclyn and Junebug, it's greatly appreciated.