Friday, October 15, 2010

Highschool Of The Gods

So this a story I worked out while watching "Julius Caesar" in last the other day. Tell me what you think =]
I’m going to explain the story first, that will help explain all the rest of this. Okay so all the Greek gods and goddesses realized that their ruling age was over. They came up with a plan to confine their souls into humans, and to awake at a certain time and regain their rightful place as gods. That time is now. And in order to relearn their former powers, the young gods are shipped off to a private high school called Zeus High. Most of the teen gods know who they are and have no memories of their human lives before awakening. All save one girl. Ashley Simmons, who is the incarnation of the Goddess Artemis.
This story deals with this 16 year old girl as she struggles to adjust to her new life.

Here’s a list of characters I worked out in my head:
School Staff:
Zeus: Principle
Athena: Science/Magic Teacher
Ares: History Teacher
Aura: ???
Phoebe: ???



Artemis/ Ashley: Main character
Aphrodite: Cheerleader
Hermes: Gay
Apollo: Jock
Demeter: Hippie
Dionysus: Class Clown
Hephaestus: Fat Kid
Hera: Cheerleader
Eros: Pervert
Hades: Metal kid
Poseidon: Gamer
Hestia: Silent Bookworm

Lower Gods:
Nyx: Goth
Selene: Goody-two shoes.
Hecate: Black Magic
Atlas: Body Builder
Eres: Chronically pissed off

Who The Character Is:
Ashley Simmons: She is a sixteen year old high school sophomore. To describe her in one word would be: Tomboy.  She doesn’t really like school, she’d rather hang out by herself and listen to hardcore metal music. She loves ripped, holey jeans and the color black. This was of course before she was taken of to Zeus High. 
She has no idea why people say that she is Artemis, and tries to correct them at first, but after she gets shipped off to her new High school, she likes the attention she gets, and feels like she’d be an outcast if others knew, and doesn’t tell anyone after that.

What She Wants More Then Anything:
She’s never really felt accepted in her life, and her deepest desire is to find that place where she just fits.

Conflict and Things that Keep Her From Her Goal”
Well first off, she’s the only “person” among the gods and she’s embarrassed about that fact and tries to hide it. Second, there’s a small rivalry with the major gods and the demigods, and because she’s suppose to be a major god she’s forced to pick sides. Then we have Aphrodite, the popular cheerleader type, who doesn’t like Ashley.

What the First Step Toward Goal Will Be:
She will start the story off by entering Zeus High, and trying to fit in with the other Gods. The first “road block” that stands in her way will be having to hide the fact that she isn’t actually a god. Also, at the same time, she will be introduced to the class system of the school and have to deal with her role in that system.

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